Regents Engineering Pathways

Regents Engineering Pathways

Students can earn an engineering degree by transferring to the University of Georgia through the Regents Engineering Pathways (REP) Program.

The Regents Engineering Pathways (REP) was established to expand the availability of engineering education opportunities for Georgians. Students complete two or more years of pre-engineering courses at participating University System of Georgia REP Partner institutions, then transfer to the University of Georgia to complete a B.S. degree in engineering.

REP students enjoy many of the advantages of UGA College of Engineering students: they have equal access to engineering majors at UGA, they can participate in the co-op program, and they are invited to UGA once a year for campus tours, information sessions, and meetings with advisors in their engineering majors.

Admission requirements for REP students

Students from participating REP Partner institutions may be admitted to the University of Georgia to complete any one of the eight engineering bachelor's degree programs. Students must submit the regular UGA transfer admission application form.

The criteria for transfer students include the following:

  • Complete 30 college credit hours after high school from an REP partnering institution
  • Must meet RETP institution and University of Georgia admission requirements at the time of application
  • One completed college course in math and/or laboratory science
  • If applicable, must meet High-Demand-Major requirements for the intended degree

Admissions process for REP students:

Program Contact Information:

Dr. Ramana Pidaparti
Associate Dean
UGA College of Engineering
Tel: 706-542-4057