Smith Planning Group

Smith Planning Group


Watkinsville, Georgia


Ed Lane (BSAE ’05)

Smith Planning Group is a land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture and land surveying firm. Its mission is to create beautiful places of lasting value for the communities it serves.

Q and A with Ed Lane

What was your favorite class while obtaining your undergraduate degree at UGA? 

Strength of Materials with Dr. Thompson.

What is one piece of advice you'd tell your younger self about engineering and/or about being an entrepreneur?

At first, say yes to everything. Work harder than everyone and do so until you "make it" (until you become really good at what you do - an expert). But then, say no to everything, work smarter than everyone else, and take risks having confidence in what you've helped to build.

How did you get your start at your company?

The fallout from The Great Recession allowed for a mutually beneficial strategic partnership with another design firm which ultimately lead to the forming of my current company.

What does it mean to you to be recognized in the class of 2021 Bulldog 100 honorees?

 It is a testement to the UGA College of Engineering's ability to equip engineers with a broad knowledge base that includes technical proficiency in the engineering sciences, communication skills and a leadership mentality. And it's an honor to be part of that tradition.