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2022 Capstone Design Showcase

2022 Capstone Design Showcase

Students in the University of Georgia's College of Engineering put their engineering, teamwork, and communications skills to work in our challenging capstone design course. The year-long course connects teams of senior-level students with business, industry, non-profit, and community partners to find solutions to real-world engineering challenges.

Each spring, capstone teams present their projects to their clients, faculty and the community during our Capstone Showcase. 

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Capstone Design Showcase Awards

Sustainable Design

Coastal Resilient Cottage Design for the UGA Marine Institute
Porsche Chen, Sophie Knoll, Paola Valdivia, Tannar Singer

Community Impact

BioEnginuity Insulin Distribution Network
Dennis Kouakou, Sheila Lorusso, Charles Pettigrew, Sara Stackpole

Innovative Computerized System or Software Design

Spray Quality Monitor for Informed Pesticide Applications
Wyatt Beshara, Samuel Gignilliat, Gabriel J. St. Jean, Matthew Bowen

Medical Device or Biological Process Design

DIY Bioreactor
Jayvion Rolland, Samuel Oniha, Tristan Chambers

Manufactured System or Process Design

Design, Build and Fly - AIAA Competition
Sid Amonchomchupong, Tanmay Kar, Maxwell Maslia, Parth Sampat, Keaton Coletti, Daniel Hampson

Machine Design

Formula SAE Suspension Team
Garrett Ford, Seth Hibler, Harrison Miller, McKenzie Reed, Stephen Irvine

Capstone Design Showcase Categories

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