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Capstone Design Sponsors

Capstone Design Sponsors

Companies, organizations, faculty members, and members of the community are encouraged to propose project ideas for future Capstone Design projects. Project proposals are due each July and reviewed by College of Engineering faculty. Selected project sponsors will be notified early during the Fall semester.

If you would like to sponsor a project, please provide a project overview that describes the background, objective, and design requirements to be addressed. Click here to complete the Capstone Design project entry form.

The responsibilities of Capstone Sponsors include meeting regularly with the design team, providing materials and project-specific requirements for prototype fabrication and design, reviewing and providing feedback on the design project deliverables, and attending the Capstone Design Showcase in April.

Deliverables include a student final design report and associated products that may include prototypes and design drawings.

For additional information regarding Capstone Design or about the College of Engineering Corporate Sponsorship Program,  please contact:

Jordan DeRosa
Director of Corporate Engagement 

Lauren Anglin
Director, Experiential Learning & Outreach

Jorge I. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Industry Capstone Projects Coordinator