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Capstone Information for Students

Capstone Information for Students

Capstone Design Timeline 

2023 Capstone Design Showcase Deadlines

Budget proposal for project funding: Due January 13, 2023

Additional funding instructions, forms, and details can be found here.

Update Project Title, Description, & Team Information: Due February 3, 2023

Teams should review the project title, description and list of team members and update to ensure these items are accurate for the capstone showcase. Please submit this survey (1 submission per team) to complete this requirement.

Project Abstract & Showcase Survey: Due March 31, 2023 at 3 p.m.

  • Submit abstract via EduSourced upload to Showcase Milestone #2.
  • Project Abstract: Abstracts should be no longer than one page. Teams can submit images and figures to accompany the abstract. However, all content must fit on 1 page. Abstracts will be used in the showcase judging process
    • Abstract Template (1 page limit)
    • **Please make sure to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. This information will be used externally on the showcase website.**
  • Showcase Survey: Please complete the 2022-2023 Capstone Showcase Event Survey by the deadline to let us know the following important information for the event:
    • Award Category: Select the category your project will be competing in. Only one category can be selected. Award categories are:
      • Community Impact
      • Computerized System or Software Design
      • Machine Design
      • Manufactured System or Process Design
      • Medical Device or Biological Process Design
      • Sustainable Design
    • Showcase Display Items Needed:  All Teams will be provided an easel from the college to display their printed posters. Teams can also request to borrow a TV Screen (for digital poster display). Quantities are limited and will be assigned based on need and timeliness of the request.
    • Transportations Assistance Needs: If needed, teams can request assistance in transporting their project or prototypes to the Classic Center prior to the showcase event.

Poster and Optional Project Video: Due April 17, 2023 at noon

  • Submit via Edusourced upload to Showcase Milestone #3
  • In case of technical issues with Edusourced upload: Submit via email to Lauren Anglin at with subject line “Capstone Design Poster ” + project title. If submitting a video, both items should be sent together in 1 email.
  • Poster: must be formatted to reflect approved template
  • Project Video (OPTIONAL): Teams can also share a video to demonstrate their prototype, or summarize the goals and work on their project. These videos will be posted on our website, and be made available to Showcase judges. For teams that want to submit a video please follow the below instructions:
    • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.
    • All videos should be uploaded to YouTube and video link should be submitted via email as instructed above.
    • YouTube Videos should be unlisted and comments should be disabled.
    • Video content should receive approval for online display from project sponsor and mentor prior to submission. Student teams should be very aware of issues related to proprietary information and their sponsor’s limitations on the type of information that can be shared publicly.
  •  In addition to submitting your poster as directed above, student teams are responsible for submitting a print request to Tate Print & Copy by April 18, 2023 to have their poster professionally printed.
    • Teams are required to pick up printed their poster and bring the poster with them on the day of the showcase.
    • The College of Engineering will cover the cost of 1 poster per team as long as you submit the request before the April 18th deadline and follow instructions for poster printing. Please see EduSourced or contact Lauren Anglin if you have questions about how to print your poster. 
  • Questions? Email

Project Assignments

Capstone Senior Design students will be assigned to a project and project team early during the fall semester. Project assignments are based on:

  • Project needs and preferences of project sponsors
  • Faculty recommendations and assessment of student skills
  • Student interests and project rankings

Although the College of Engineering strives to match students to projects they are most interested in, there is no guarantee that a student can be assigned to a particular project or project group.