Spotlights in Electrical & Computer Engineering

This week we are spotlighting, Dr. Kun Yao, instructor and Cleanroom Manager for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and doctoral candidate in Computer and Electrical Engineering, Suha Reddy Mokalla.


"With good thinking skills, we can learn anything we want to learn. However, without thinking, we are just like robots and we can easily be replaced by robots in future... Without thinking, we can destroy the world by using technology improperly. Therefore, in all my courses, I encourage students to think and express different opinions."
              -- Dr. Kun Yao

Dr. Kun Yao is both a respected instructor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and our Cleanroom Manager.  We are honored to have Dr. Yao as part of ECE.  Please read more about Kun Yao, what brought him to UGA, and his educational philosophy around student learning and meta-cognitive awareness.


The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is honored to spotlight Suha Reddy Mokalla, doctoral candidate in the UGA MILab. Suha passed her comprehensive exams at the beginning of October, and we send our congratulations!  Read more about Suha, what drives her and balances her during her studies.

"Watch for imaginary boxes.  Open them up if they get in your way.  Never give up."  - A quote shared with Suha Reddy Mokalla from a friend



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