Changying “Charlie” Li, Ph.D.


School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phenomics and plant robotics

Phone: 706-542-4696
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712F Boyd Graduate Studies
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
United States

Dr. Li is developing innovative sensing and automation technologies to help provide safe and high-quality food, fiber, feed and fuel to sustain the world’s growing population. Learn more about Dr. Li's teaching and research in Focus on Faculty.

One of Dr. Li's recent research projects is the development of the Berry Impact Recording Device, or "BIRD." The device rides along with berries in packing plants while its sensors record the bumps and bruises inflicted on the fruit. The data gathered by BIRD helps engineers design gentler harvesting and packing methods so more high-quality fruit makes its way to grocery stores.


Ph.D., Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2006

Area of Specialty

  • Sensing and automation for food, agricultural and biological systems.


Bio-Sensing and Instrumentation Lab