German + Engineering Dual Degree

German + Engineering Dual Degree

In today's increasingly globalized society, the well-rounded engineering graduate who speaks fluent German and possesses deep intercultural competence and international work experience will truly stand out in the job market. At the University of Georgia, you have the unique opportunity to distinguish yourself by earning a degree that is far more than the sum of its parts. Go beyond the beaten path with a dual degree in German and engineering.


Five-year course of study resulting in TWO bachelor's degrees:

  • AB in German
  • BS in your chosen engineering field

Fourth year spent abroad:

  • Four weeks of intensive language instruction at the Goethe Institut in Bonn, Germany
  • Semester of study at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), one of Germany's top-ranked technical universities
  • Internships with a German engineering company

Competitive scholarships are available.

Karlsruhe and KIT Photo Gallery

Check out photos from Karlsruhe and KIT in this Flickr album.



Enrollment Information

To enroll the Dual Degree in Engineering and German (DDEG) program, please complete this registration form (pdf) and submit it to Lauren Anglin in the Driftmier Engineering Center, Room 117. 


Students interested in learning more about a dual degree in German and agricultural, biochemical, biological or environmental engineering should contact Dr. David Stooksbury.

Students interested in learning more about a dual degree in German and civil, computer systems, electrical or mechanical engineering should contact Dr. Thomas Lawrence

To learn more about the German program at UGA, please contact Dr. Katie Chapman or visit