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Capstone Project Funding

Capstone Project Funding

Budget Proposal Submission

Funding is available for Capstone Teams at an amount of $300 per project unless noted otherwise by your client. Your team must submit a Capstone Budget Request Form by Jan. 14, 2021, the end of the second full week of spring semester classes, to secure funding for your project. You may submit a budget for up to $300 and receive approval by Dec. 15. No requests over $300 will be honored until Jan. 14, after all proposals have been submitted. Your team may require more or less than $300. Budget approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis. Submit your budget proposal using the online form:

 Capstone Budget Request Form

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Please note that travel to Sponsor/Client sites will be permitted in accordance with safety measures established by the USG and UGA. You must follow the Covid safety guidelines of any organization you visit. Please contact your faculty mentor if you have questions.

Managing your team's budget

Please note that your team is required to manage its own budget. Teams must keep track of expenses in EduSourced on the "Spending" tab. An account balance sheet is provided below to aid in tracking your balance:

► Budget Sheet

Purchasing items for your project 

The College requests that Teams select vendors in UGAMart, the purchasing system for all UGA, when submitting Purchase Requests. UGAMart allows purchasing from most major vendors including Amazon. If you would like to know if a specific vendor is on UGAMart, please send an inquiry to

Requests for orders from UGAMart should be done using the Purchase Request Form below.

If you must purchase from vendors that are not on UGAMart, the College is able to do so, but orders may be delayed.

► Purchase Request Form

Please rename the form with your own information. When submitting requests to, in the subject line, include your abbreviated project title or project number along with some descriptor of need (i.e. "order," "work space,", "tool request," “training”) along with the date. A support ticket number will be assigned.


For items you obtain on your own or for other expenses related to your Capstone Projects, the College is happy to reimburse you.

The College asks that Teams choose one individual to make purchases for the group if at all possible.  And if a member of the group is a student worker anywhere on campus, reimbursement is also easier and quicker for that student than for other non-workers.  Remember to retain all receipts.  Purchases CAN NOT be reimbursed without a receipt.

Capstone Ordering and Reimbursements for Students Who Work Anywhere on Campus

You may have access to order items thru UGAmart.  Your supervisor would be able to confirm this for you.  If you have access, please place your orders that way if the items you need are available from a supplier within UGAmart.  After creating your cart in UGAmart please assign the cart to the corresponding Engineering Admin below according to the purchasing student’s last name.  (This is the only “no money out of your pocket” way to make Capstone purchases.)

If the items you need are not available thru UGAmart (or it is easier or quicker, if needed, to purchase locally), please do so retaining all purchase receipts.

Student workers may enter your own reimbursement request thru the OneSource system.  The document at this link,, will assist you in entering your reimbursement request.  Or you may use the OneSource Training Library,, and navigate to the below section to get to a set-by-set example of entering an expense reimbursement.

If you should need further assistance with your reimbursement, please contact your corresponding Engineering Admin above.

Capstone Purchases and Reimbursements for Non-Student Workers

Please make your needed purchases remembering to retain all receipts for reimbursement.

In order for non-student workers to receive a reimbursement from UGA, you must register as a “supplier."  You will need to follow this link and complete the supplier registration process.  For assistance with the completion of this step, please contact or call 706-542-0202.  The three Engineering Admins that assist with reimbursements will not be able to help you with this step as it is not a UGA Engineering process.  Please use the above email address or phone number for assistance.

► Once you have been assigned a Supplier number, you will fill out a Non-Employee Payment Form.  Which may be found at this link,  You will then email your corresponding Engineering Admin the following information:

  • Subject line … Capstone and your name
  • In the body of the email
    • Your assigned supplier number
    • Your Capstone Group Name and the other member’s names
    • The Accounting Tag (Speedtype) for the account to be charged for your reimbursement
  • Attach to the email
    • Your Non-Employee Payment Form, completed with signatures and dates from both the student and the supervising Faculty member
    • Legible scans of all documents pertaining to the reimbursement
      • INCLUDING the receipt(s)

► You will email your corresponding Engineering Admin from the below list in accordance with the first letter of your last name, providing ALL of the above information.

Account information will be provided upon confirmation of budget proposal acceptance.

If your Capstone Project requires travel, please contact your corresponding Engineering Admin or you Capstone Instructor before ANY travel plans are made for UGA’s current Covid restrictions.  Please also note reimbursement for online booking services such as VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb etc, are NOT allowed.

In-town purchasing

You must purchase your own in-town items (i.e. from Lowe's, Michael's, Athens Steel, etc). In addition, the college is unable to pick up items from local vendors for you unless there is an extenuating circumstance, for example a truck is needed for pick up. The college will NOT order items on your Budget Proposal unless you make a separate, timely, request – your proposal is just that, a proposal – not a purchase request.