Award for Academic Excellence: Computer Systems Engineering

Award for Academic Excellence: Computer Systems Engineering

Lucas Andrade Oliveira

When Lucas Andrade Oliveira's family moved to the United States in 2012, he did not speak English. While he initially struggled to complete school assignments, to ask questions in class, and to make friends, Oliveira forced himself to reach out to classmates and to reach outside his comfort zone. That determination continues to serve Oliveira well as he prepares to graduate magna cum laude in May with a degree in computer systems engineering.

"My determination and having a set goal in mind helped me in the long run, and that is a lesson that I carry with me still, almost 10 years later," said Oliveira.

Oliveira says the most rewarding courses he has completed at UGA also happen to be the most challenging. One example is a computer systems and electronics engineering course that required Oliveira and a team of students to develop an RC car powered by an Arduino with the added ability to connect to the Internet and upload data. Another course requied students to fully develop two video games from scratch, using only Java, JavaFX, and CSS.

"Those two projects taught me what the computer systems engineering major is all about, the merger between core concepts of hardware and software," said Oliveira. "Those courses developed my love for these topics, which I had absolutely no experience with prior to college."

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Awards for Academic Excellence recognize one senior student from each degree program who has demonstrated exemplary performance in upper-level engineering coursework.