Award for Academic Excellence: Mechanical Engineering

Award for Academic Excellence: Mechanical Engineering

Blake Bohannon

Blake Bohannon says his academic philosophy is simple: work hard, use your resources, and never lower expectations. Named a University of Georgia Presidential Scholar each semester in the College of Engineering, Bohannon will graduate in May with a degree in mechanical engineering and a GPA above 3.9. 

Bohannon also credits his support network at the University of Georgia for helping him to excel academically.

"The faculty here are extraordinary," said Bohannon. "My advisor has always been open to any of my questions or concerns, and my course instructors work very hard to ensure that their students can understand and conceptualize the many complex engineering ideas we are exposed to. I have yet to ask one of my instructors for help and not received it."

Outside of his stellar classroom performance, Bohannon secured a coveted Premier College Internship Program position at Robins Air Force Base as a science & engineering intern last summer. While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the program, Bohannon was still able to engage with engineers to design an aircraft modification for the AC-130 Whiskey Gunship. 

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Awards for Academic Excellence recognize one senior student from each degree program who has demonstrated exemplary performance in upper-level engineering coursework.