Advancing Human Wellness Cognition and Learning

Advancing Human Wellness Cognition and Learning

Our very approach to wellness and path to wellbeing are being transformed by 21st century advances.  The wellness transformation is being made possible by the application of fundamental discoveries and innovations in areas ranging from molecular genomics and proteomics to drug screening and delivery to data analytics and decision support for physicians, patients and caregivers.

The Human Wellness, Cognition and Learning Cluster is addressing specific socio-technical challenges in collaboration with its partners across these areas through its interdisciplinary research and graduate programs

Faculty research addresses challenges across this area including:

  • Advanced biophotonics, biological microscopy and biomedical imaging modalities;
  • Medical robotics and surgical devices;
  • Smart wellness (e.g. assistive, monitoring) systems
  • Drug discovery and delivery systems;
  • Biomolecular and cellular processes; tissue engineering;
  • Physiological, pathophysiological, and pharmacological modeling;
  • Living system mathematical and computational modeling, simulation and analysis;
  • Learning and decision support tools; and
  • Evidence-based theoretically grounded education innovation

 The cluster’s research draws on many engineering disciplines within the college and leverages the University of Georgia’s strengths in allied areas in other units across campus.  The projects of the cluster are funded from a broad set of government, industry, and nonprofit sources. 

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