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American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is a professional society composed of practicing and aspiring civil engineers whose main purpose is to provide a community of professional interconnection, continuing education, and lifelong resources. The UGA ASCE chapter has quickly established itself as a strong student-run chapter with a high level of membership and activity in one of the fastest growing programs in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia.

Faculty Advisor

 Stephan Durham

Club Officers

President: Shelby Logan
Vice President: Lacy Noerenberg
Vice President Assistant: Jack Druckenmiller
Secretary: Nick Howcumfu
Treasurer: Frida Alvarado
Fundraising Chair: Charlie Voytek
Fundraising Assistant: Maria Adams
Media Chair: Bri Dier
Concrete Canoe Captain: Luke Woody
Community Outreach: Christopher Arbise


Facebook: ASCEUGA
Instagram: @ASCE_UGA