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Student Aerospace Initiative

Student Aerospace Initiative

The Student Aerospace Initiative engages the student body in real-world multidisciplinary aerospace projects through focusing on our three pillars of exploration, design, and community. SAI strives to make projects as interdisciplinary as possible so that every team consists of a variety of majors and provides opportunities for anyone with an interest in aerospace to participate. With these guided projects, we help prepare students for the real engineering world, where a high level of communication and teamwork are keys to success.

Faculty Advisor

Benjamin Davis, Ph.D. & Ramana Pidaparti


President: Keaton Koletti
Vice President: Max Maslia
Lab Managers: Denzel Cunningham & Drew Herlyn
Treasurer: Ryan Huges
Social Chair: Sid Amonchomchupong
General Advisors: Trevor Houghton & Jonathan Shoemaker

Website/Social Media

Instagram: @sai_uga