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The Student and the Co-Op*

The Student and the Co-Op*

Selection and participation in UGA’s Engineering Co-op Program is considered an honor, and participating students uphold the highest professional standards as representatives of UGA, the College of Engineering and themselves. Students commit to working in a co-op program full-time for three semesters during their undergraduate tenure. Some students who participate in a co-op can still graduate at the end of four years; however, most choose to extend their studies an additional year to accommodate a co-op. 

To participate in the Co-op Program, students must:

  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or greater throughout their undergraduate program
  • complete 30 credit hours in UGA’s engineering curriculum before they start their co-op; however, they can begin the interview process in their first year
  • develop, in advance, a proposed schedule for course work and co-op semesters with their academic advisers through completion of the Co-op Eligibility Form (PDF)
  • register for ENGR 3910 (Co-op Work Experience) each semester that is worked with the co-op partner
  • submit two evaluations completed by their supervisor each semester that is worked with the co-op partner
  • submit a written report for each semester worked, documenting the experience and the lessons learned.  In addition, following the final semester of the co-op, students deliver a presentation about their experience to faculty and fellow students.

Participation in a co-op provides vital professional experience and is highly recommended. It is not a mandatory requirement of the College of Engineering. 

View Co-Op Program Frequently Asked Questions

UGA’s Engineering Co-op Partners

The benefit for participating organizations and firms in a co-op is simple: partners may “test drive” a potential, future employee at a cost-effective rate, while reaping the benefits of the participating student’s UGA College of Engineering classroom experience and newly-gained knowledge. Partners are under no obligation to hire the student after graduation; however, it is hoped that employment will be offered if conditions are warranted.  Studies indicate that students who co-op with a firm and later join on as a full-time employee are much more likely to become productive, long-term employees and expand more rapidly into leadership roles.

The responsibilities of the co-op partner are to:  
➢    provide a meaningful, educational work experience for a future engineer
➢    commit to paying the student a salary
➢    appoint a designated supervisor for the duration of the co-op arrangement
➢    offer feedback to the student mid-experience and at the end of the co-op
➢    provide input to UGA officials annually on the co-op partnership

Learn more about becoming a Co-Op Partner by viewing our Cooperative Education Employer Handbook or contacting Lauren Anglin.

The list of organizations and firms that participate in UGA’s College of Engineering Co-op Program is constantly evolving with new partners and programs. The list below highlights companies who have participated in the past:

Abbott Laboratories
Alcon Laboratories
Altamont Environmental, Inc.
American BOA
AMF/Baking Technology System, Inc.
Applied Technical Services
Athens Research & Technology, Inc.
Baldor Electric
Boehringer Ingelheim
Brasfield and Gorrie
Carter and Sloope
Cox Communications
Delta Air Lines
Eaton Corporation
Fogg Filler (Michigan)
Franhofer Instutite
Georgia Department of Transportation
Georgia Power
Georgia Transmission Corporation
Gilbane Building Company
Gulfstream Aerospace
Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources
Halyard Health
Honda Manufacturing
Joe Powell and Assoc.

Johnson & Johnson
John Deere
Jordan and Skala
Manhattan Associates, Inc
Marel Stork
Morgan Thermal Ceramics
Motorola Solutions
Nakanishi Manufacturing Corporation
Newcomb and Boyd
Norfolk Southern
OFS Fitel
Pond and Company
Power Partners
Price Industries
Roper Corporation
Snapping Shoals EMC
St. Jude Medical Center
Stepan Chemical Company
Tensar International Corp
Toyota Industries Compressor Parts
Triad Construction LLC
Waypoint Systems Inc.
Weems Engineering