Daniel Petti

Ph.D. Student

United States

I am a PhD student studying Computer Engineering, with a particular focus on computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. I focus mainly on applications relating to precision agriculture and high-throughput phenotyping. At this point, I have configured and programmed systems ranging from $1 microcontrollers to $10,000 GPU clusters.

My personal interests lie in the fields of machine learning, computer vision, embedded systems and Robotics. For most of my time in undergrad, I conducted research in the Intelligent Systems Lab at RPI, focusing on the application of deep learning to solve open problems in computer vision. For my research, I mainly worked with TensorFlow and Python.

I also have industry experience designing real-time, embedded software for medical and aerospace applications. I am familiar and comfortable with modern software design practices such as version control, unit testing, and agile development. I am used to deploying C and C++ applications in real-time environments both with and without operating systems. If the need arises, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to hardware.


  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • High-Throughput Phenotyping

Major Professor

Changying Li


Bio-Sensing and Information Lab


B.S. Comp. Sci/Comp. Engr, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2018