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Wrote textbook "Natural Resources Engineering"

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2128 Driftmier Engineering Center
597 D.W. Brooks Dr.
Athens, GA 30602
United States


Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Auburn University, 1980
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky, 1974
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky, 1972

Area of Specialty

  • Natural resources engineering
  • Watershed assessment
  • Post-harvest quality


The overall area of research is to discover system descriptions of hydrologic systems with the overall goal of improving water resource management and watershed ecological health. Applications of control theory and advanced sensing techniques toward the improvement of post harvest quality of fruits and vegetables.

Selected Publications

Duncan, O.J. , e.w. Tollner, S. McCutcheon, and H. Ssegane. 2013. Curve number approaches to estimate drainage from a yard waste windrow composting pad. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 29(2):201-208.

Duncan, O.J., E.W.Tollner, and H. Ssegane. 2013. An Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph for Estimating Runoff from Windrow Composting Pads. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 29(2): 209-223.

Mckeown, M.S., Trabelsi, S., and Tollner, E.W. 2012. Dielectric spectroscopy for temperature-corrected moisture prediction in Vidalia onions. Journal of Food Engineering 111(3):505-510.

Lewis, M.A., S. Trabelsi, S.O. Nelson, E.W. Tollner, and M.A. Haidekker. 2012. An automated approach to peanut drying with real-time monitoring of in-shell moisture content with a microwave sensor Transactions of the ASABE (accepted).

Lewis, M.A, S. Trabelsi, S.O. Nelson, and E.W. Tollner. 2012. Analysis of stability and type independence of three density independent calibration functions for microwave moisture sensing in shelled and unshelled peanuts. Transactions of the ASABE (accepted).

Ssegane, H., D. M. Amatya, E. W. Tollner, Z. Dai, and J.E. Nettles 2012. Estimation of Daily Streamflow of Southeastern Coastal Plain Watersheds by Combining Estimated Magnitude and Sequence. Journal of American Water Resources Association. Accepted.

Ssegane, H., Y. M. Mohamoud, E. W. Tollner, T. C. Rasmussen, and J. F. Dowd. 2012. Daily streamflow prediction for ungauged watersheds by independent estimation of magnitude and sequence. Environmental Modelling & Software (Accepted)

Ssegane, H., E W Tollner and K. Veverica. 2012. Geospatial modeling of site suitability for pond-based tilapia and clarias farming in Uganda. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 24(2):147-169.

Ssegane, H., E. W. Tollner, Y. M. Mohamoud, T. C. Rasmussen, J. F. Dowd. 2012. Advances in variable selection methods beyond stepwiseregression and principle component analysis forwatershed description I: Causal selection methods versus stepwise regression and principle components on known and unknown functional relationships. Journal of Hydrology (438):16-25.

Ssegane, H., E. W. Tollner, Y. M. Mohamoud, T. C. Rasmussen, J. F. Dowd. 2012. Advances in variable selection methods beyond stepwiseregression and principle component analysis forwatershed description II: Classification of hydrologically similar watersheds in three Mid-Atlantic Ecoregions. Journal of Hydrology 438:26-38.

Wang, W., C. Li, E.W. Tollner. 2012. Development of software for spectral imaging data acquisition using LabVIEW. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 84:68-75.

Saleh, A. and E.W. Tollner. 2008. 21st Century Watershed Technology: Improving Water Quality and Environment. On-Line proceedings of the 2008 International ASABE Water Quality Conference in Concepcion, Chile. Am. Soc. Agr. & Bio. Engrs., St. Joseph, MI. Available at

Tollner, E.W. 2009. Soil dynamics. IN Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering, Ed by D. Heldman. 906 – 910. (revised past chapter).

Tollner, E.W., Kazanci, C., J. Schramski and B.Patten. 2009. Implications of Network Particle Tracking (NPT) for Ecological Model Interpretation. Ecological Modeling (In Press).

Tollner, E.W., Kazanci, C., J. Schramski and B.Patten. 2009. Control System Approaches to Ecological Systems Analysis: Invariants and Frequency Response. Ecological Modeling (In Review).

Kazanci, C. L. Matamha, E.W. Tollner. 2008. Cycling in ecosystems: An individual based approach. Ecological Modeling (In Press).

Mosqueda, M., E.W. Tollner, R.W. McClendon, G. Boyhan and C. Li. 2008. Simulating onion packinghouse product flow for performance evaluation and education, Bioresource Engineering 102(2):135-142.

Tollner, E.W., D. Meyer, S. Triminio-Meyer2 and J. J. Molnar. 2008. Spreadsheet tool for computing levee pond excavation costs for developing countries. Aquacultural Engineering 39(2-3):122-126.

Ssegane, H., E.W. Tollner and S. Mccutcheon. 2008. Estimation of micro-watershed topographic parameters using earth observatory tools. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 24(6):763-766.

Hilten, R.H., T.M. Lawrence, and E.W. Tollner. 2008. Modeling stormwater runoff from green roofs with HYDRUS-1D. Journal of Hydrology, 358(3-4):288-293.

Bhandarkar, S.M., X. Luo, R.F. Daniels and E.W. Tollner. 2008. Automated planning and optimization of lumber production using machine vision and computer tomography. Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 5:1-18.

K.C. Das, P.A. Annis, E.W. Tollner and S. Dudka .2006. Technical and economic aspects of utilizing fibrous wool composts in horticulture. Journal of Applied Horticulture, 8(2): 165-169. (not notified until 2007).

Bhandarkar S.A., Chowdhury A.S., Tang Y., and E.W. Tollner. 2007. Computer vision guided virtual craniofacial reconstruction. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 31 (6): 418-427.

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Bhandarkar S.M., Luo X.Z., Daniels R., and E.W. Tollner. 2006. A novel feature-based tracking approach to the detection, localization, and 3-D reconstruction of internal defects in hardwood logs using computer tomography. Pattern Analysis and Applications 9 (2-3): 155-175.

Tollner, E.W. and T.C. Rasmussen. 2005. Simulated moving bed forms effects on real-time in-stream sediment concentration measurement with densitometry. Jour. of Hydraulic Engineering. 131(12):1141-1144.

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Bhandarkar SM, X.Z. Luo, R. Daniels and E.W. Tollner. 2005. Detection of cracks in computer tomography images of logs. Pattern Recognition Letters 26 (14): 2282-2294.

Gattie D.K., E.W. Tollner, T.L. Foutz. 2005. Network environ analysis: A mathematical basis for describing indirect effects in ecosystems. Trans ASAE, Vol. 48(4):1645-1652.

Tollner, E.W., R. Gitiatus, K. Seebold and B. Maw. 2005. Experiences with an onion inspection machine. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 21 (5): 907-912.

Tollner, E.W. and K.C. Das. 2004. Predicting Runoff from a Yard Waste Windrow Composting Pad. Transactions of the ASAE Vol. 47(6): 1953-1961.

van Donk, S.J., Tollner, E.W. and Steiner, J.L. Soil temperature under a dormant bermudagrass mulch: Simulation and measurement. Transactions of the ASAE, 47 (1): 91-98 JAN-FEB 2004.
Contracts and Grants:

Runoff Coefficient eval USGS 2008 250,00 PI

Water supply Devel Uganda SA USAID-CRSP-Aqua 2009 78,000 PI

Microwave Peanut Geo Pea Com 2008 3,000 PI

MicroWave Peanut Grading Southeast Pea 2008 35,000 PI

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