Jian Wu

Ph.D. Student

Riverbend Research Center North
110 Riverbend Road
Athens, GA 30605
United States

When I was a graduate student in Kunming university of science and technology, my research area is focused on:
1. Preparation of bamboo based activated carbon with high surface area;
2. Microwave assisted regeneration of activated carbon for medical purpose and chemical industry;
3. Preparation of Fe-activated carbon and its adsorption of printing and dyeing waste water.

I am friendly and warm-hearted, and I hope to make a lot of friends. I love to play basketball and volleyball.


  • Organic waste treatment
  • Composting
  • Antibiotic, antibiotic resistance gene and antibiotic resistance bacteria

Major Professor

Sudhagar Mani, Ph.D.
K.C. Das, Ph.D.


BioEnergy Engineering Research Laboratory


M.S., Iron and Steel Metallurgy, Kunming University of Science and Technology, China, 2015
B.S., Metal Materials Engineering, Xiangtan University, China, 2012