Mark Garren

Ph.D. Student

Driftmier Engineering Center
597 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States

Mark earned his B.S. in chemical and biomolecular engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2017. As an undergraduate researcher, Mark worked on thiabicyclononane-based hyperbranched polycations for non-viral transfection applications and similar materials for antimicrobial surfaces. With a background heavy in chemical biology, materials chemistry, and bioengineering, Mark has joined the Handa lab to pursue work on NO-releasing polymers with tunable antimicrobial and nonthrombogenic properties for applications in medical devices and wound healing.

Major Professor

Hitesh Handa, Ph.D.


Handa Biomaterials Lab


B.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2017