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Riverbend Research Highlight Series

Riverbend Research Highlight Series

The Riverbend Research Highlight Series (RRHS) provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate researchers in the University of Georgia's Riverbend Research Laboraties to share exciting research highlights with their colleagues. These accessible, high-level presentations encourage cross-disciplinary communication and promote awareness of the UGA College of Engineering's  diverse programs.

The Riverbend Research Highlight Series features research seminars spanning a broad range of areas, including biomedical devices, tumor cells, analysis of global plastic waste, photo-bioelectrochemistry of cyanobacteria, characterization of lipid bilayers, aerosol science, and combustion science.

The speakers for the 2019 RRHS are (front row, left to right) Joyce El-Beyrouthy, Morgan Mantay, Brisbane Coutiño, (back row, left to right) Soroush Neyestani, Yang Liu, Haning Xiu, and Kevin An.

2019 RRHS Speakers and Topics

May 21

Joyce El-Beyrouthy
“Cholesterol Reinforces Lateral Stability in Lipid Bilayers As Demonstrated By Tensiometry and Electrocompression”

Group: Professor Eric Freeman
Chair: Matthew Christianson

June 4

Soroush Neyestani
“Climate and Air-Quality Impacts of Particulate Emissions from Gasoline Direct-Injection (GDI) Vehicles”

Group: Professor Rawad Saleh
Chair: Alanna Koritzke

June 18

Brisbane Coutiño
“Effect of Mutations in Citrate Synthase on Acetate Flux in Escherichia coli”

Group: Professor Mark Eiteman
Chair:Khai Atwi

July 2

Morgan Mantay
“Design of a Bioreactor System for Therapeutic Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture”

Group: Professor Cheryl Gomillion
Chair: Anna Doner

July 16

Haning Xu
"Avoiding Snap-Through Instability of Post-buckled Beams Using Piezoelectric Actuation"

Group: Professor Ben Davis
Chair: Matthew Becton

July 30

Kevin An
“Characterization of Diabetic Canine Clots using Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis”

Group: Professor Rodney Averett
Chair: Michelle Mansour

August 6

Yang Liu

“A Microfluidic-Based Device for Study of Circulating Tumor Cells Migration Under Chemoattractant Effect”

Group: Professor Leidong Mao
Chair: Omar El-Hajj