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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Roger Hilten, Ph.D., Lab Director

Dr. Roger Hilten leads the Research and Instructional Team for the College of Engineering (CENGR) at the University of Georgia (UGA). Dr. Hilten received B.S. (Ecology), M.S. (Biological Engineering), and Ph.D. (Bio and Ag Engineering) degrees from UGA in 2001, 2005, and 2012, respectively. His research focused on sustainable technologies including green roofs, biofuel and green chemical production, and chemical process design.

Dr. Hilten became the Instructional Lab Manager for the College of Engineering in 2015 and now oversees design, fabrication, and instructional labs for all CENGR’s degree programs including electrical, computer systems, mechanical, civil, environmental, biological, biochemical, and agricultural engineering.


George Haynie, Machine Shop Manager

A native of New Jersey, George has worked in manufacturing since his teens, when he first discovered the fascinating world of machining at a neighbor’s garage shop. Having worked in a variety of shop settings over his career, George has found his most rewarding work takes place in the development of research projects and experimental manufacturing, first at SRI, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey, and now here, at the University of Georgia. George takes pride in sharing his many years of practical experience in the machinist trade with those who are spearheading innovation in today’s high-tech world, and he is excited to be working with the Engineering students, faculty and staff here at UGA. In his spare time, George enjoys outdoor pursuits such as hiking and cycling, as well as spending time with his wife, three children and numerous family pets, including dogs, goats, and rabbits.


Trevor Bowden, Research Fabricator

Trevor is from Boise, ID, but has been a lifelong Dawgs Fan, and finally moved to Athens in 2020. He graduated welding school on the dean's list, has previous welding experience from welding on ranches back home, and he loves building things and working with his hands. He is currently married and has a 2 daughters named Maisie and Molly. Trevor is our resident in-house Welder Fabricator and helps manage the Fabrication Lab Support Team.


                                            CURRENT STUDENT WORKERS

Ethan Bowmar, CSE 2023

I enjoy programming and tinkering with electronics. Since studying engineering, I've had plenty of exposure to 3D printing and circuits which has enabled me to design some awesome projects. I enjoy working for Lab Support because it gives me opportunities to meet new people and learn about new machines and technologies all while heightening my sense of problem-solving.

Orain Ferguson, CSE 2023

I like working at the UGA machine shop because it helps me further my education with access to many different machines, and it allows me to share that knowledge with students. I also enjoy working with all the amazing people in the College of Engineering.


Sam Rodriguez, MCHE 2024

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and brain at the same time. Working at the FabLab has allowed me to grow my knowledge with machining, 3D printing, and even working with a team. If you enjoy any of that come check out what we have to offer!                    


Greg Gosha, CSE/ECE 2024/2025

I am a 4th year CSE major, and I have always enjoyed working with machines, electronics, and engineering things in general. Working at the machine shop has been a huge learning experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. 3D printing, wood-cutting, and metal printing among many other things have taught me valuable skills and increased my capacity as an engineer overall.

Thomas Grant, EE 2024

I am thrilled to be a part of the FabLab team and to help students actualize various intricate concepts into tangible prototypes. My expertise lies in the realm of 3D printing and electronics. I love to help aspiring engineers and researchers with translating their ideas into real-world 3D objects. It’s a privilege to contribute to such an exceptional community of innovation and learning. 


Jackson Bradford, MCHE 2025

I typically spend more of my time in the machine shop and help students in machining the parts they need for their projects. It feels great to be able to contribute and collaborate with these students, as well as learn how to operate all the different types of machinery that is offered here.​


Clara You, MCHE 2026

I love working at the FabLab because of the people. I'm exposed to different types of machines and projects, and my coworkers are always there to support me. Working at the FabLab allows me to have the opportunity to learn new skills while helping others. These skills are directly transferable to my future interests in Mechanical Engineering, so I'm also grateful for the FabLab. It's a great place, so make sure to stop by and visit!


Juan Alizo Ewald, MCHE 2026

I like making stuff—especially if I get to use a 3D printer—which is the reason I enjoy working at the UGA Fablab and Machine Shop. Here, I get to learn more about manufacturing and machines, letting me help anyone who wants to learn as well. It also provides skills that I will use in the future, and the Fablab has helped me continue my education, all while outside the classroom.

Angela Sun, BCHE 2026

Working in the Fablab has always been something I’ve wanted to do since my freshman year, and now, here I am! I love being able to help other students out on the machinery we provide, and I’m always learning something new. I also enjoy working with the many different types of people I encounter, and there are countless experiences I have gained since my time here that I wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. 


Hunter Reeves, AENG 2024                              


                                                              We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to ask.



Brannon Browner, MCHE/MBA 2022/2023

I am a Double Dawg who recently graduated from UGA with my Mechanical Engineering degree and have decided to continue my education to receive an MBA. I have worked for the FabLab for a couple of years now and am happy to be back for my final year at UGA. I love working with students and helping solve engineering problems. Feel free to stop by for questions or help anytime!


Hunter Bradford, MCHE 2023

Hello! My name is Hunter Bradford, and I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student. I currently work with UGA's Small Satellite Research Lab, Robotics Club, and the Heterogeneous Robotics Research Lab. My specialities within the lab are CNC machining, 3D printing, metalworking, woodworking, and a little bit of everything else. Always happy to help and eager to teach others the machines!

Dylan Camp, MCHE 2025

I really enjoy working at the FabLab. I was hired during my Freshman year, so I am almost guaranteed a fulfilling part-time campus job for all 4 years of school. I mainly work with the Waterjet cutter in 1506, and I plan to learn more about operating all of the other machines we have in order to build experience for my career after college.


Aidan Delliponti, MCHE 2023

I enjoy working at the FabLab because we get to interact with both faculty and students that are working on projects of various complexity throughout the year. We assist in any way we can, including teaching students how to safely use tools they may be unfamiliar with and ensuring that the tools are working properly. It's a great place; come check it out!


Sonya Lloyd, BSBE 2024

I like working at the UGA machine shop because I get to help bring students the ideas and projects to life. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an American Flat Track motorcycle racing team and an engineering consulting company in Spain through summer internships. I also enjoy working on my own motorcycles in my free time; this is what sparked my interests in engineering