Transfer Student Week Profile: Christopher Altman

Transfer Student Week Profile: Christopher Altman

Mechanical Engineering

East Dublin, GA

Transferred to UGA from:
Middle Georgia State University 

What has been your greatest challenge as a transfer student?

"Networking and resourcing among professors has probably been my greatest struggle since I did not take many of the basic engineering courses with these professors. I have somewhat had to introduce myself to them and put myself out there more than others who have taken many lower level classes with the professors."

What has enabled you to be successful as a transfer student at UGA? 

"I would definitely say that involvement fairs, career fairs, and other social and experiential events held by the college has allowed me to be successful and integrate into this large university setting."

Joshua Cooke, Academic Advisor

“Chris is among my brightest and hardest working students. He has a very good personality and was recently accepted to the Engineering Double Dawgs program.”


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