Transfer Student Week Profile: Kirkland Edwards

Transfer Student Week Profile: Kirkland Edwards

Civil Engineering

Woodstock, Georgia

Transferred to UGA from:
Kennesaw State University

What has been your greatest challenge as a transfer student?

"My greatest challenge as a transfer student was the transition into engineering. I was not an engineering major at KSU, but I decided to switch to civil engineering after I realized my prior major was not what I wanted to do."

What has enabled you to be successful as a transfer student at UGA? 

"Developing new study habits from the help of academic coaching, finding a group of friends to take classes and study with, and the help of professors. Internship experience also gave me a great opportunity to apply what I have learned and to reassure myself that I chose the right career path."

Stephan Durham, Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Success and Outreach

“Kirkland is a graduating senior (December) who transferred to UGA from KSU. He has performed very well in his civil engineering courses and completed an great internship with Burns & McDonnell this past summer and will start full-time with them in January 2022 upon his graduation.”

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