Transfer Student Week Profile: Wassim El-Jeaid

Transfer Student Week Profile: Wassim El-Jeaid

Mechanical Engineering

Cochran, Georgia

Transferred to UGA from:
Middle Georgia State University 

What has been your greatest challenge as a transfer student?

"Adapting to online learning during the middle of COVID. Also making connections with other engineering students during the height of COVID."

What has enabled you to be successful as a transfer student at UGA? 

"Being involved in student clubs/organizations such as SAI, UGA Motorsports, ASME, and Student Ambassadors. Not being afraid to meet new people and explore new things within the University of Georgia."

Jaime Caperton, Academic Advisor

“The first semester Wassim came to UGA he took advantage of all that UGA and the College of Engineering has to offer. He got involved, made connections with his faculty and staff and has shown he wants to leave a legacy here.”