Transfer Student Week Profile: Kelvin Meregildo

Transfer Student Week Profile: Kelvin Meregildo

Electrical Engineering

Duluth, Georgia

Transferred to UGA from:
Georgia Gwinnett College

What has been your greatest challenge as a transfer student?

"As I transfer to UGA, I had to move out on my own. Responsible to pay monthly rent, bills and own expenses. So adjusting to that lifestyle has been a challenge thus far."

What has enabled you to be successful as a transfer student at UGA? 

"Working full time as enabled me to be successful as a transfer student. It has kept me grounded into what’s important. It has also taken my time management up to a different level."

Stephan Durham, Ph.D., Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Success and Outreach

“Kelvin is a transfer student from Georgia Gwinnett entering our BSEE program in Fall 2020. He has been working as an electrician at the Butts-Mehre Renovation and Expansion project and recently came over on the Driftmier Phase 3 Renovation.  Kelvin works full-time and takes 12+ hours of coursework.”


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